Okay so the other day I almost spilled the beans on something special that is being released next week.  I can't even tell you how excited I am for it to get here. 

I feel that kid waiting for Christmas to get here.....



Well then it got even better. 



My team is doing a training to lead up this thing that I am so excited about. 






3 to 5 New Customers a Week Formula





Are you kidding me.  Heck yeah!  Do you know what a game changer that could be for some many people right now?



Think about it, this Formula could get you into profit and keep you there. 



Who doesn't want that in their business? 



Well here is the thing.  I want to sort of sneak you into these trainings right now.  Don't worry I got premission to do this ahead of time, but I really think this could help so many people I just didn't want to keep it all to myself. 



So click this link now and start learning the ninja tricks to keeping customers coming into your business now.   The 3 to 5 NEW Customers a Week Formula



Can't wait to see you succeeding,


This year was the first year I really took some time off.  I wanted to have a summer vacation.  Not one of those where you go ten billion places and go here and there and everywhere, my family would not do well with that at all.  I just wanted time to do some serious thinking. 



Blame the introvert in me.  ;) 



During my vacation I thought about the last two years so far.  What I liked about them.  What I thought I could improve on.  And I thought about things I would like to change or maybe focus on more in this next year.  



If you have read my blogs for any amount of time you know I am big believer in goal setting and that is always something I have going on.  Not to be confused with to do list and time management, which I did a blog on the other day.  All though that lesson could be applied here as well.  If you missed it here is the link This One Time Management No No Could Be Keeping You From Getting Things Done.



This year a couple of things came up for me.  One was continue working on getting our own house.  (I can't wait to share all about it soon.)  Second was work on my health.  (Again I will be sharing more on that soon as I had some set backs earlier on in this adventure.)  And lastly business wise I reallly wanted to work on and learn more about communication and helping people.  This is going to be my main focus this year is diving down deeper.  Learning to communicate on a much deeper level and really help people where they are and with what they need help with most.


Not to mention I know these skills will also boil over into my personal life and who the heck couldn't use a little more communications skills in their life? 


My life always has a way of bringing forth the things I am thinking about most.  And  got bombarded with so many things I could be doing in these areas.  I had to take a step back for a minute so I did not suffer from information overload. 



I know I can't be the only one that does this so I will give a quick tip here.  What is it that you want to do or achieve?  Take action toward doing it first.  Don't look up ways to do it or how to do it.   Start taking action and then find ways to make those actions work better. 



The other way you end up with a whole lot of ways to do something and no clear direction so you do what everyone else does and try and do them all or a hodge podge of this and that.  Then you fail and give up. 



So skip the overload all together.  (Only speaking from experience here and I still have to learn this lesson over and over some days.)



After getting my head screwed on straight, I devised a plan that started with me just starting to do something.  I knew that what I really needed would so up when I needed it most. 



And just like clock work and synchronicity it did.  Life is a beautful, fluid thing when you let it be. 



I am excited because the thing I think will help a ton of people be better at what they do is almost here.  And I had no idea it was coming until this morning.  None, nada, zilch.  But it is.......



I want to share it with some of you, but it's not ready yet and I can't really talk about it.  But it is so going to help with business communication that it is unreal.   And so is the price.  I have bought books for more than this is going to cost. 






But for today, I can't say anything more really.  Shhhhhhh........  Hush, hush and all of that. 



I promise though that it is going to blow your socks off or your skirt up or whatever you want to say.   And it will help you, help other people.  So if that is your main goal like it is mine this year and always has been one of my driving factors, then you are going to want to stay tuned for more details to come soon....





Because helping other people with a hand up is really the only way to make this world a better place. 



Chat soon!



Are you one of those moms that has a to do list for everything and you constantly feel like you aren't getting anything done? 



I was and let me tell you something it really stressed me the heck out.  I would work my tushy off all day and night and still feel like the biggest damn failure.  I mean no matter how much I had gotten done there was still just so much more to do. 



Recently my hubbby had an appointment with one of his docs.  This was one of those long ones where they want to review everything and see what is and isn't working.  He asked me to come along. 



As she talked to him and then asked me to confirm or eloborate she made a statement that totally threw me off guard.  She looked at him and said, "On paper your life, the stress load of your family, and everything you guys have going on should not work." 



"What!?!"  I didn't say it, but I sure was thinking that. 



She eloborated with the fact that we have special needs kids, my husband has his issues from being in the military, and the things I have been through in life would cause most marriages to fall apart.  We were the exception and she placed a large part of that at my feet since I was sort of the glue that makes this crazy life work. 



I have to say it made me feel good that she told him he was lucky and that I was awesome.  And after I accepted it.  ( You all know I have a problem with believing I am awesome right?)  I realized she had no idea how long this has all took to work out. 



And it all started with a to do list like most mom's have.  Impossible!



I used to make myself crazy in a day trying to manage and make sure that everyone's this and that got done.  I used to constantly pour more and more into that list.  I would not celebrating even the littlest of wins.  I would not cut myself slack. 



And the worst part.  I was not even on my own list.  I had nothing on there that was for me.



That list use to make me the craziest woman on the planet.  No joke.  And I am sure I am not alone.  If your are still reading this then maybe, just maybe you have one of these darn crazy lists right now. 



So what changed for me? 



What did I do to make that list not drive me crazy?  No I did not throw it out the window.  Although there were days I did just that when it was not working. 


I found a little secret I am going to share with you.  Shhhhhh come closer.  This one is going to blow your mind.  The One Big No No you should not be putting on your to do list is......






Stop trying to shove square pegs into round holes! 





What?   I can hear you saying it right now.  What the heck are you talking about?  You have totally lost me now. 



Think about your list.  Better yet pull out your to do list right now.  Are there things on that list that aren't really your job to be doing or try and be making happen?  Like making your spouse do a chore or forcing your kid to do something like homework or clean their room.  Really look at your list.  Which things on here really aren't things you have control over?  Don't put stuff on your list that isn't yours to do! 



I found a lot of them in my day when I did this.  Lots and lots of wasted time and added stress. Stress I didn't need and time I wanted.  And I realized that I had trying to shove square pegs in round holes. 



I was reminded of this when listening to an audio today on Time Management in a product called the Inner Circle.  One of the exercised in that audio was to list all the things that you had on your to do list that really weren't things you could control.  



It made me smile because I realized how far I have come in the last two years. 



I mean who wouldn't feel awesome after they stopped trying to do the impossible all the time.  Try it right now.  What impossible task can you mark off your list today?  What square peg can you put down and walk away from now?  It's okay.  I give you premission to feel good and give yourself the freedom you deserve. 



This one little change could be the catalyst to do that one thing you have always wanted to do with your life!  This could be the beginning to you living your life on purpose and out loud.



Leave the worry and the stress out of your day. 



Take action now,


I am proud to be a Rebel.  I always have been.  I love my team.  


We meet daily and share all day long with one another.  There is always someone new to meet or someone reaching for their dream.


There are questions.  There are celbrations and wins.  No matter what level you are at there is support and encouragement. 


We are unique and yet all the same.   We are one.  We are the Rebels. 


This month a few of the leaders are pushing and striving to reach new hieghts.  They have banded together to create a charge to a goal they set.  It's a thing of beauty to watch them work. 


It's The Charge. 


They have compared what they are doing to a rhino on the charge.  Pushing through every obstacle they come across and finding a way to the end goal.  One of them has decided he is tiger. 


Then there was a whole plethora and zoo of animals introduced.  Haha we do like to have a lot of fun in what we do.  ;)


I stumbled across this video last night.




What does this exercise video have to do with the charge? 


Everything.  Nothing.  And everything. 


In the video he flexs and reaches and pushes himself.  In the charge my team mates are doing the same thing.  Everyone pushing past their limits, strethcing, following their own path. 


In business as in life and exercise you must be flexible and flow and move with what you need to accomplish at the moment.  It means staying in tune with the environment.  It means being in tune with how you feel and using your strengths. 


Everything starts with flow.  Everything starts with passion. 


So to the Rebels and to The Charge I applaud you and your flow.  It truly is inspiring and contagious.


There is no better time to push yourself to new heights than when you are doing it together.  If your reading this and thinking, "Damn I wish I was a part of something that cool and someone thought I was that awesome while I was growing."  Well guess what you can be and I promise I will be your biggest fan. 



Break Free and Reach New Heights,




Yep another Wordless Wednesday is here.  And I just wanted to share a candid moment from Sunday that we had with our kids. 


Saturday I was letting my brain work in the lab will I chopped up and prepped all the veggies for this week's meals.  Yep that's me scheduling, organizing, and get stuff done so I can do what I really want. 




I asked my husband to put on some Dexter's Lab and Pinky in the Brain.  The perfect themes to hatch my schemes right? 


What happend next was just too much fun. 


Little man was perched in Daddy's lap and just laughing as hard as he could.



And the Prince was laughing so hard he was literally rolling on the floor and grasping for breath. 




The kids were rolling with laughter.  And mesmerized.  It was a blast.  And then started the whole "you were a kid" questions that follow whenever you kids realize you were once their age. 


(The Princess was hiding from me.  Or I would of gotten her too.  Especially since she was the one that was laughing the hardest.)


This was the video that had the going when I started snapping pictures. 



What do you share with your kids from your childhood? 


It's you that is going to rock their world while they are little.  Make it fun, make it count, make it matter. 


I am blessed that I get to work from home and watch them grow up.  I am blessed that they are with me and I can be the mom they need me to be.  Want to break free and be home too then watch this now!

Break Free and Be Young Again.


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