I am proud to be a Rebel.  I always have been.  I love my team.  


We meet daily and share all day long with one another.  There is always someone new to meet or someone reaching for their dream.


There are questions.  There are celbrations and wins.  No matter what level you are at there is support and encouragement. 


We are unique and yet all the same.   We are one.  We are the Rebels. 


This month a few of the leaders are pushing and striving to reach new hieghts.  They have banded together to create a charge to a goal they set.  It's a thing of beauty to watch them work. 


It's The Charge. 


They have compared what they are doing to a rhino on the charge.  Pushing through every obstacle they come across and finding a way to the end goal.  One of them has decided he is tiger. 


Then there was a whole plethora and zoo of animals introduced.  Haha we do like to have a lot of fun in what we do.  ;)


I stumbled across this video last night.




What does this exercise video have to do with the charge? 


Everything.  Nothing.  And everything. 


In the video he flexs and reaches and pushes himself.  In the charge my team mates are doing the same thing.  Everyone pushing past their limits, strethcing, following their own path. 


In business as in life and exercise you must be flexible and flow and move with what you need to accomplish at the moment.  It means staying in tune with the environment.  It means being in tune with how you feel and using your strengths. 


Everything starts with flow.  Everything starts with passion. 


So to the Rebels and to The Charge I applaud you and your flow.  It truly is inspiring and contagious.


There is no better time to push yourself to new heights than when you are doing it together.  If your reading this and thinking, "Damn I wish I was a part of something that cool and someone thought I was that awesome while I was growing."  Well guess what you can be and I promise I will be your biggest fan. 



Break Free and Reach New Heights,




Yep another Wordless Wednesday is here.  And I just wanted to share a candid moment from Sunday that we had with our kids. 


Saturday I was letting my brain work in the lab will I chopped up and prepped all the veggies for this week's meals.  Yep that's me scheduling, organizing, and get stuff done so I can do what I really want. 




I asked my husband to put on some Dexter's Lab and Pinky in the Brain.  The perfect themes to hatch my schemes right? 


What happend next was just too much fun. 


Little man was perched in Daddy's lap and just laughing as hard as he could.



And the Prince was laughing so hard he was literally rolling on the floor and grasping for breath. 




The kids were rolling with laughter.  And mesmerized.  It was a blast.  And then started the whole "you were a kid" questions that follow whenever you kids realize you were once their age. 


(The Princess was hiding from me.  Or I would of gotten her too.  Especially since she was the one that was laughing the hardest.)


This was the video that had the going when I started snapping pictures. 



What do you share with your kids from your childhood? 


It's you that is going to rock their world while they are little.  Make it fun, make it count, make it matter. 


I am blessed that I get to work from home and watch them grow up.  I am blessed that they are with me and I can be the mom they need me to be.  Want to break free and be home too then watch this now!

Break Free and Be Young Again.


I know from my personal experience in being a work from home mom that I have gotten the idea of vision and goal setting and dreams all mixed up when it comes to my business. 


Recently I hit a wall.  Customers, clients, and team members just stopped showing up.  And we all know what that means.  No one to work with means no money right? 


Well that can really suck.  And if you are depending on that money you certainly can't sit around waiting to find out where the problem was or what was causing the break down, hang up,or finding what was broken in your business. 


For me the no money thing wasn't really a problem. My business  isn't the main source of our income right now (the story on how the mindset training here changed our income is for another day). 


Want to know what happens when you are comfortable? 




You sit on your lazy butt doing the same dumb things over and over again and don't bother to find out what isn't working. 


Well I decided this weekend I am not okay with that any more.  I am not okay with just doing the same old thing and only tweaking this or that little thing. 


And I am making a major shift in how I am doing things.  And the first thing that was hanging me up was that damn vision thing.  Everybody that I spend time with that is making more than I am (and more importantly living and doing the things I want to be doing) has one. 


I have goals.  I have dreams.  I know what I want to have in my life.  But this vision thing really had me stumped because I thought it meant I need to make those goals and dreams my vision and that had nothing to do with it. 


So what the hell is a vision then? 


Well the definition of vision is



I found that by the way at http://dictionary.reference.com


Okay well that didn't really give me much help.  I was doing all that putting myself in the perfect day and seeing what I wanted and putting it on my vision board.  And little bits and piece would manifest, but that wasn't helping me with business. 


Then the other day I heard one of these guys ( a mentor of mine actually) talking about vision.  (God is it nice to hangout with other people that are where you want to be.  Just so you get a glimpse into their minds when they speak.)  Well my ears perked up and I listened intently as he was talking.  I had heard this before, but for once what was said actually clicked. 


I had been doing all this goal setting and stuff for my life and not for my business.  Talk about feeling like a totally dumb ass. Well I did.  And that feeling isn't good to someone that who had great grades in school without trying.  It sucks. 


All this time I had been manifesting, but I had not even tried to manifest in my business.  Sure I had been trying to set a few goals for my business here and there, but I never really created a vision.  I never really had a laser down focused goal to propel me forward. 


Well that was then.  (Last week to be exact.  Hey I will own my failures.  I am proud of my learning process and I am not afraid to share it)  




I have a vision.  I know who I am here to help.  I know how I want to run my business.  I know where I am going and I know who I will be reaching out to. 


And it all happened when I focused on who I wanted to help and how. 


My vision is to help that stay at home mom that feels like she is not contributing to society or to her family.  She has lost her sense of purpose and desire.  She wants to make a differnce in the world. 


Why those moms?  Because I have been there.  I thought what I was doing didn't matter.  I thought I could be replaced with a babysitter and no one would even notice.   But I was wrong and if you are there then I want to show you that you are more than what you think you are right now. 


You have so much to offer.  I can show you how to move past that feeling, how to start dreaming again, and even make an income while doing that


I am making it my goal to reach those moms. 


But How?  Show Me The Way


It's simple to create a vision that will propel you forward first it has to matter to you.  Helping other moms feel like that matter and what they have to share is important is a huge part of what drives me everyday.  I just didn't really know it at the time. 


Second you take that thing that matters to you and marry it to where you want to go with it.  What does that look like and how does that feel?  Who are those people around you that you are helping and what goals have you helped them reach? 


When you are crystal clear on that you just start!  Start making everything you do about creating that vision and making it a reality.


I can't even believe how simple it was once I just understood what the hell vision should mean to me. 


Now for those of you that are getting your dreams and goals mixed up with your vision.  Quit.  Stop now and get clear on what the vision is for your business.  Know who you are going to help.  How you are going to do it.  And where you are going to be taking your customers, clients, or team members. 


If you don't know how to do that then join my team and I will help you get clear.



Break Free and See the World You Want to Create!



Have you ever wanted something so bad you could taste it?  You know one of those dreams that if you closed your eyes you could just be there in it.  You think about it all day long and it is all you think about at night. 


Yet when you really think about it and the logic part of your brain kicks in you think, "Oh crap how am I actually going to get there!"  Then you start to sweat a little and the fear and the self doubt kick in and pretty soon your telling yourself well that just for those cool people and you give up before you ever really even get started.  


No?!?  Well maybe that's true and maybe that's not, but honestly most everyone on the planet has been there at least a time or ten.  I know I have talked myself out of things about a billion times.


And what's always the biggest hang up?  It's a fear of some kind.  Maybe fear of having to produce or fear of not having the money or a fear of not being good enough.  


Today we get over our fears.... 


of not being able to reach that dream and not being able to have or achieve the things we want in our lives. 


You okay with that? 


Good.  So how are we going to accomplish that exactly. 


In three simple steps I am going to give you all the keys you need to run faster right now.  If you do them you will get to where you want to go.  If you don't well then you will still be sitting where you are now, stuck, frustrated and pissed that you never seem to be lucky enough to have want. 


Accountability It's The First Step and a Must



Why is accountability our first step?  Because we need to be able to take action toward our goals in an way that will actually get us there. 


We are imperfect creatures and often times we think what we are doing is going toward the goal, but actually all we are doing is moving further away from it.  We have a tendency to sort of lie to ourselves or give ourselve premition to slack. 


That's why accountability and having someone that will acutallly hold you to your word is so important.  This struck me as so profound yesterday.  (It a snippet of a reply on a covnversation that Tony Rush was having on his Facebook wall.) 



Acountability and integrity are always something I am trying to teach here around my house.  We hold people accountability all the time in our daily lives.  Yet we fail sometimes to hold our own selves accountable.  I know I have done it.  I know I do it now in my business.  And that is why we need a little help. 



That's where picking out a partner that can show you those flaws is key. Here are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to accountability.   

  1. Make sure they know what your goal is and what actions your taking
  2. They can't be your friend then...they have to tell it to you straight.
  3. No one commiserating or excuses. 
  4. This is the time to get some feedback and make course corrections. 


And dont' think a to do list is going to cut it.  A to do list is great for you to keep track of what you have done, but it isn't going to be looking at you and saying well was that the best course of action to take today so you can reach your goal next month? 


But it don't.......


I mentioned in the last section that we are imperfect creatures.  Well guess what even though we are imperfect we try hard to be perfect.  But only in appearance to everyone else. 



Stop it!!!


Stop trying to be perfect right now.  It is going to kill your success and your goals quicker than your trying to figure out how to get from here to there.  Trust me on this one.  I grew up in an environment where we had to pretend that everything was perfect and that we were "normal". 


But what does that even really look like? 


Making mistakes is how we learn. 


Drew Barrymore said, "When things are perfect, that's when you need to worry most."


I could not agree more.  I am one of those people that tries to break things and see if I can fix them.  Why?  Because if I can fix it then it will be  fine when I make mistakes with it.  We all muck up.  It's time we learned to enjoy the mistakes and the learning process along the way. 



Now Go!!!!!


Wait what?  You said you would tell me how to run faster and all you have shared is I need to be accountable and not be perfect, but how to do I get from here to there? 


We're not in a shoe commercial here.  I am not going to be comparing how the Vibram 5 Five Fingers compares to the Nike. 



It's time to pic up and go.  As Niamh said be the Rhino and charge through the forest.  The path you take might not be the prettiest of the fastest or even the best way, but it got you there and you can "pretty' it up later. 





You need to know where you are going.  You need to have a goal your running toward.  You need to have a person to keep tell you when you need a course correction.  You need to know that it's never going to be perfect and neither are you.  And you need to get up and just go. 


Need a way to achieve that dream or need someone that will hold your feet to the fire?  Well then what the heck are you waiting for?  Join now! 



Make this your best run so far and just go for it!  You got this. 


Break Free!



It's Wordless Wednesday here on the blog.  And as usually I am never really wordless, it's just not in my nature when it comes to sharing with you. 


Today's picture has a life lesson and one I really want to use to help you reach a new level. 



Yep it's a pile of clean laundry completely taking over my office chair. 


Why am I sharing my laundry with you? 


Here's why, I am not perfect!  My family is not perfect.  And we don't have all our sh#% together. 


Now most people know that none of us is perfect, but that does not keep us from trying to pull this air of put together, that we all see on movies and television shows, over on one another.  


My friends and people that I know that come to me for advice always tell me that I am amazing and awesome.  "How do you do it all?  How do you know so much?"


First off, yes I am amazing, but not perfectI don't have all the answers.  But the other part of that puzzle is I stopped caring about perfect a long time ago and just started doing.  I also realize that not everything is going to get done in a day or a week or even a month sometimes.  I do what I can and just keep going. 


I have done many things in my lifetime and I will share my experience and thoughts with you on all if it. But I will also be the first one to tell you I am no expert and the only reason I know any of this is by doing.  I lost my fear of what others thought of me for doing something imperfect.  Hell I will break something on purpose just to see if I can put it back together and see how it all works. 


So that stack of laundry in that chair represents the fact that I know I am not perfect.  It represents that I know it's not about getting things perfect that matters, but the doing them that counts. 


So if you are waiting to get it all right, stop it right now!   Just get out there and start doing things.  Do and learn and just keep going, eventually you will get to where you want to be.  In the meantime enjoy the process.  It can be almost as much fun as reaching the goals. 


If you liked this post come and like my Fan Page.  I share these kinds of tips, advice, and have a little fun while I am doing it.  Your always welcome to come and join me. 


Break Free!


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