Last year we took a little trip to nowhere.  We just got in the car and went for a ride.  Actually we do this alot.  We are always down for a good road trip.  It was a lot of fun and I found the pictures today and thought I would share. 



I never can get him to quite smile.  ;)



My precious princess ready to see the world. =D



And the little guy, life is always good after chocolate!  Look at that grin. 



Where did your world take you today? 


Here's to Your Happiness, Health, Wealth, and Freedom!



Hey haven't we done this before today? 



We all have those moments where we think we have been here or we start to see that thing we want everywhere we go.  It's enough to make you wonder if you are psychic or just psycho. 


Your not!  I promise you are normal.  Well as normal as everyone else that is. 


What you are most likely experiencing is something called R.A.S. or reticular activating system.  This is a function in your brain that when you start to think about something or focus on it, you will see it just about everywhere. 


So the cool thing about this little trick our brain pulls on us, is it let's us see who else has what we are looking to get or have just gotten.  It let's us make connections by hieghtening our senses around this thing.  Be it a top, or a car, or a life changing decision.  We will start to notice other people who have the exact same thing or who are doing the exact thing we are doing. 


And that makes it easier for you to connect with others and share your experiences.  Which can lead to friendships, community, and so much more just from one decision. 


We make decision every single day and sometimes we feel so alone or overwhelmed by them, but if we just take a minute R.A.S. will actually allow us to find others doing that exact same thing and give us ways to connect to them.


I love R.A.S because it is how I found the group that I work with now.  Yes I own my own business.  Yes I run it my own way.  But my community of friends is always there and we support each other, lift each other up, and give it to each other straight when we need to, and I never would of found it without R.A.S.


You're not here by chance.  Learn more about what I do!


Here's to Your Happiness, Health, Wealth, and Freedom!


I know, I know, it's a criminal. My What You Reading Monday on a Tuesday. But yesterday I had one of those killer migraines. And it really was all I could do to pull my head out of the covers long enough to help out with our Rebel TV show. After that it was back to having my head buried in the covers.



So this week's book is a really quick read. And super helpful.



Last week I was noticing my wording on my goals was a off. And while I was starting to see results it was not exactly in the way I had wanted it to happen. So I decided this weekend I need to take a break from last weeks book (I am going over it again to dig into all those juicy exercises) and tweak my words and thoughts.


I already had the book just the perfect for that too.



The ultimate introduction to NLP. How to build a successful life



This book is a real quick read. And while it sounds really intimidating it is so easy to read. It has a great flow and when you are done you really feel like you have an good grasp of NLP.



One of the things I love most about this book is that you feel like you have been there. You understand how to use the concepts in it. And it gives you a great starting point to make changes starting right now.


NLP or Neuro Lingistic Programming as it is known might seem like a very hard subject to grasp and the thought or programming your mind and your brain might even seem a little terrifying. But honestly this book makes it simple and it really gives you the tools you need to make those little daily tweaks we all need. And it also helps you cover some of the harder issues as well.


It's totally worth your time. And is really a great afternoon or weekend read.



Here's to Your Happiness, Health, Wealth, and Freedom!


So all this week I have been walking my talk and practicing what I preach. 


I have been writing down my goals and I had an ah ha moment. 



I was not being balanced in what I was looking to create in my life.  Being off balance can cause issues in other areas of your life so I really don't want that. 


I look at it sort of like a tire.  When you go to get your tired changed they check to make sure it is balanced.  And if it not balanced then it can cause issues with your tire and the tread will wear funny which could cause a bubble or a flat.  And that affects your whole riding experience. 


Yet when things are all in tune well you are free to be yourself and live a life by your design. 




I am feeling a little scattered from this cold.  So I think I will sign off her for now.  I don't want to ramble. 


But take care in your words and thoughts, make sure to keep balance in your dreams, and always be you! 


Here's to Just Being You!


Is it really Ten Minute Time Out Thursday already?


I can't believe the week has just flown by so fast.


I mean it is always better than those weeks that seem to just drag on and on. But anyway.....


Then today's topic has perfect timing.


We all get rushed for time. We all feel like we have to hurry up and wait. We all have to do this or that thing. And it can leave us feeling really frazzled.


Today's topic is all about meditation. Now before you go running away thinking I am not one of those crunchy hippies or into buddha. I am not going to talk to you about guided meditations or even finding a quiet place to be.


See I used to think the same way. I had all these preconceived notions and ideas of what meditation was and how it had to be done.


I also used to be sure that I would never be able to do it.


Boy was I wrong.

Now if you are one of the ones more advanced in your meditative skills and you are just looking for a cool new hack or tip. Here is the only one I have to give today. Check out It can help you reach that level of ommmm much faster.


But for those of you out there like I was before I got it. Meditation does not have to be a mystery. It is not hard to do. And we all have done some form of meditation before.


This is an awesome quote I found today.



So see even if you think is going to be hard, you have already done it many times. And the thing I like about that quote is it gives us an idea of what mediation feels like. I use the thought of what a really good nap feels like sometimes to get myself to a relaxed state.


And like I said in the video I have used this technique every where from being at the hospital to just trying to center myself in my own house when I am having one of those mom days. (You know the one where you can't even pee in peace.)


Any kid in my house:  “What do you mean you don't want an audience while you pee?”

My toddler:  “Mom what's an audience?”

Me:  “Never mind. *sigh*”



So if you find yourself in a moment where you just need to catch your breathe or just gain some peace or clarity for a second. Make sure to follow the tips I gave in the video. Breathing is key and allowing the thoughts that come to you to know you will address them in a minute or two.

So take ten minutes of your time today and focus on finding your zen!  It will really help you out in that next moment of crazy that pops up in your life!  We all have them. 


Here's to Your Happiness, Health, Wealth, and Freedom!




P.S. Did you catch Rebel TV today? We chatted all about Health and Wellness today. There were some great tips in there.

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