The other day we went out to dinner and decided to grab it to go and go have dinner with the ducks



Oh and geese. I forgot to mention the geese



This really is a great park.  And it is a lot of fun to sit and just watch the river go by and the ducks and geese just be themselves. 




Time for reflection and just relaxing at the end of the day.  No screens, no phones, no bustle (well except for the traffic of the cars near by and the ducks).  Maybe I should say not hustle.  Just being!



We stayed until it was time to say good night! 


If you ever are in Texas and just want to sit and take in a little of the river.  Be sure to check out the Boerne park. 


Here's to Your Happiness, Health, Wealth, and Freedom!



P.S.  Break Free! 

What if you could decided you wanted something and just make it happen?


What if you could make a choice and the world would just give you what you asked for?


It does happen. Sometimes not how we think, sometimes not how we thought it would, but you can really get the Universe to bend to your way of thinking and take you where you want to go.


Today I debuted on Rebel TV as a guest.  I took the plunge and stepped out of my tech role for the day and on to the stage.  I had so much fun. Check it out.



Niamh and Jennifer made it so very easy to be on live with them. And the time went by so very fast. I felt like I needed to keep my answers short. I did not want to hog up all the air time.

Jennifer and Niamh are amazing ladies. Be sure to go and check out there You Tube channels and subscribe.


You can find Niamh here:  Niamh Arthur


And you can find Jennifer here:  Jennifer Fields


Like I said earlier I did not want to take up all the time today, but there was more to the story. So you can see that here.



If you want to know more about the product where you can pick up the Speak the World into Existence Audio you can find it here under the Inner Circle.


So how do you go about Bending the Universe to Your Will? Here is the formula laid out for you in a very easy way to follow.


Bending the Universe Formula:


      1. You must know what it is that you want. It has to be very, very clear.

      2. Then you find a quiet spot. You only need it for a couple of minutes.

      3. You need to see your vision very clearly in your mind like a picture. Where are you at? What do you see? What do you hear? What do you smell? What can you feel? Is there a taste in your mouth? Any and everything about that moment needs to be burned into your head.

      4. Once you have that, how does that make you feel emotionally? What are you experiencing while living that moment?

      5. Now take that feeling along with picture of your vision and see it in your minds eye. Marry those feelings with that picture.

      6. Then blow that picture up to Movie Screen Size! Make the picture crisp, clear, and focused. (This makes everything more intense)

      7. This is the picture you are going to see every time you hit a road block or aren't sure what to do next.

      8. Now here comes the fun part. Look at that picture as it is part of a time line. You will see where you are now and that picture in the future. There are all these little dots in between. These will be all the steps you took along the way to get there. Some of them will be clear and some of them will be very, very hazy. That is okay. Write each of these things down. Anything and everything about them that pops out at you.

      9. This is where you start to take action. Start with the things closer to where you are now on that time line. And write down 10,20, heck 50 ways you could make that happen. What could you do right now where you are to take action on that thing to get to the next?

      10. Viola you just created your road map for creating your goal or vision. Simply start taking action. And you will notice the more you take action the clearly all the in between things start to get. You will start things moving and the Universe will Bend to your Will.


(Not sure where the extra 1s and 2 came from, got to love formatting.)


You can have the life you want! You can have the things you want in your life! And now you have the formula to make it happen.



Here's to Your Happiness, Health, Wealth, and Freedom! 



P.S.  Want to hangout with me and my team and get to be a part where we will hold you to your dreams?  Join here

It's What You Reading Monday! Yay!


I now get so excited for Monday's, it is a little weird. But honestly it is so much better than the alternative. Who wants to have a hum drum existence and feel like Mondays are going to just be terrible.


And that brings me to today's book as well.  Start Punch Fear in the Face!



We all settle for mediocrity in our lives at some point. We feel like we need to just go with the flow. We just will do what everyone else is doing. And we stop....


We stop dreaming!


We don't stop wanting good things in our live. We don't stop wishing life wasn't like it was. But we just keep doing the same damn thing.



We keep following the masses.


Well Start! Punch Fear in the Face is designed to wake you up out of just that way of thinking.


It's a great book and a real must read. Jon Acuff is funny and I love the way he writes.


Have you noticed a pattern here. I like people with a sense of humor in their writing. ;)



You deserve to have the life you want.


Yes the road might be hard. Yes there usually is no damn map to where you want to go.


Want me to tell you a little secret. There is no damn secret. Those of us taking action to make our way to living a life that makes us happier and gets us to the goals we want aren't following some secret ancient guide. Well some of you may be, but that is another post all together.


This book really helps you figure out what you want and it gives you a chance to start making your own map. It gives you some great lessons to follow to help you get more clear on your wants.


We all have to find those things that let us be us.

My team's Rebel TV episode was a great example of that today. We discussed what other thought of us and our journey into going after our dreams.


The key thing is that not everyone is going to want to follow you on your journey and not everyone is going to think you are doing the right thing. And some people at the end of the day just want to see you fall in the “bear pit.”



You deserve that life that matters most to you. You deserve the effort it takes to make your own map. You are worth every struggle, every mountain, and every other cool thing too that comes along the way of finding your way. And as always your never alone!


Here's to Your Happiness, Health, Wealth, and Freedom!



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I like nonsense as well as the next guy. But this week has just been plumb full of it.



So my cold decided to settle in my ears. I am thinking cool I can handle that. Deaf for a few days means I don't have to listen to the kids bickering and arguing every few minutes.

Oh don't roll your eyes at me. You know your kids are doing it right now in the other room. “Mom she's touching me.” “Mom he's eating his boogers again and he just told me he is going to make me eat the next one.”


You know you want to shove some cotton in your ears and join me. ;)

So being deaf was fine. Except for, “Hey what did you say? Your going to have to speak up honey, I can't hear a thing your saying?” *There's a flash into the future.*

Well then heaven forbid I decided I needed to go in my bathroom. Unbeknownst to me Miss Thing, also known as our cat, decided she did not like the flavor of her water today. So she flipped her bowl over onto the bathroom tile. Letting the water pool around on the floor until it was more to her liking.




Water + Tile = Fall crashing to the floor.


In my oh so graceful (insert picture of a rhino in a tutu here) lady like manner, I managed not to hit my head too hard on the side of the tub. And in my effort to keep from knocking myself completely unconscious my legs went in directions they were never supposed to go.


I managed to bang up my knee, smash my shin, twist the hell out of my ankle, and jam up my wrist for good measure. And did I mention I broke a nail, "Oh darn."


I am sure it would of made a great comedy. But my poor hubby was not laughing as I had bits and pieces where they weren't supposed to be and me trying to not go skating again as I got up.


By that time I had completely forgotten what the hell I had gone into the bathroom for.  Though I can't imagine why.  hahaha


The point being though is there is humor to be found in everything. And life is going to hand you lemons. It's up to you whether you are going to make lemon pie, lemonade, or just be sour.


I could of chosen to get really angry about the whole damn thing and for a minute I did, but honestly what would that have gotten me. 


So instead I thought I would make something fun for you to read.  We all have been there.  We all have crap days and moments. 



Today I am looking for my feather. I will again tomorrow too if I get handed something else. I am a phoenix and I choose to always find the silver lining and always find a way to fly!



Your life is what you choose it to be! What will you choose today?


Here's to Your Happiness, Health, Wealth, and Freedom!


Yesterday I posted up a video about taking action and doing something you want to do. Stop living on the sidelines and just do something. Even if it was little.



Usually Ten Minute Time Out Thursday is about self care. This is a big part of self care, but we kind of see it as not important at some point.  We kind of just decide this is not something grown ups do!



I am asking you to dream big today.


Ditch that bucket list and start creating your Inspired To Live List!


It can be as short as long as you want. But really take the time to make your list.  I think mine will probably be about 30 things I want to do in the next 5 years.


I am making mine tonight. I am going to be sharing it too on my video comments. And I will also come back here and put it in the comment section below too.



Dreams are important. Living a life that inspires you is important. So.....



Besides it is kind of fun sometimes to create....



I know I feel inspired everyday when I come to my blog or when I make a video to share with you.


What spark can I ignite for you today? What magic can I remind you of today? Where can I turn next to truly make my life full of wonder and share that wonder with you?


And I am never alone. That is the best part! I am never alone! And neither are you.


Here's to Your Happiness, Health, Wealth, and Freedom!



P.S.  Want to know who drive and inspires me?  Check out my Rebel TV tab on the navigation bar or just click here

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